You could provide invaluable support to child or young person

People with their own disabilities provide invaluable support to child or young person with health problems or disabilities or those who may have experienced prejudice and discrimination in the past because of this.

Please remember each and every fostering household is different, just like every child in need of foster care is different. We’re proud to be an inclusive fostering agency, as we believe this enables us to provide the very best supportive and loving homes for children.

Frequently Asked Questions about disability fostering

Can I foster on antidepressants?

Absolutely, being on antidepressants won’t automatically stop you from fostering with Chrysalis.
As part of our assessment, we’ll simply check that your mental health has reached a level of emotional stability so that you can provide a secure and loving home for a child.

Do I need a medical to be a foster carer?

As with all our foster parents, we’ll ask you to have a medical assessment with your own GP and our decision will be based entirely on your individual circumstances. Provided we’re sure your mental health won’t affect your own health or ability to care for a child, it won’t prevent you from fostering and you have every chance of being approved during the application process.

Will I still get my benefits?

When you foster with us, you will still receive Disability Living Allowance and all your usual benefits. To find out more about this and other financial matters visit our benefits and tax page.

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