Your marital status, age, sexuality and, home owner status do not determine your suitability as a foster carer.

We truly believe the most important criteria for becoming a therapeutic foster carer with Chrysalis is to be open minded, compassionate, have a sense of humour, have resilience and the ability to provide a safe and loving home. 

To begin your fostering application with Chrysalis you must meet the following criteria:

Meet the Minimum Age

You must be over 23 years old


You must have a spare bedroom

UK Resident

You must have the right to live and work in the UK

Be Passionate!

You must be passionate about making a positive difference to a child or young persons life.

What Our Carers Say…

"Our fostering community is about a whole team approach to caring for vulnerable children. An approach where we are supported by professionals, provided with respite and offered a high standard of training. For the children it means people who really know & understand them. There’s a true sense of belonging for the whole family in our fostering community – we feel valued and enjoy being a part of it. "

Becky , Therapeutic Foster Carer

"I am proud to be a part of Chrysalis, I find the team supportive and caring. I liked the response that I received and the approach of the first person that I spoke to when I first enquired. I feel like I belong at Chrysalis! I love the agency!"

Lesley, Therapeutic Foster Carer

"My experience with the agency has been far beyond positive. Working along with such a positive team, from management down the line. The acting social workers are always there to help and support myself and my foster child through our journey."

Eni, Therapeutic Foster Carer

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