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Use our finance calculator to work out your potential earnings.

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Use our finance calculator to work out your potential earnings.

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Additional Fostering Rewards

Relax & Recharge

All our foster carers receive 21 days paid respite per year.

Respite Reclaim

Any unused respite allowance at the end of the year will be paid directly to you.

Blue-Light card

A discount service providing our members with thousands of amazing discounts.

Max card

The UK’s leading discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs.

Gift Milestones

A special gift or experience for each of the fostering milestone you hit.

Annual Events

Annual events to recognise and support your role as a carer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do foster parents receive child benefits?

You can continue to claim child benefit for your own children and other children that live with you, however you can’t claim for children that you are fostering. As you are already receiving an allowance for each foster child or young person in your care.

Will I be paid in between fostering referrals?

We do not continue to pay fostering allowances in between foster referrals, however we always aim for you to have little time without a child or young person, should this be your wish.

Can I continue to work while receiving foster care allowance?

As meeting the complex needs of a foster child or young person may be a challenging role,ideally ask for at least one foster parent to be available for fostering on a full-time basis. In order to ensure the child in your care is being looked after in the best way possible, flexibility is required for day-to-day tasks such as the school run, school holidays, attending medical appointments on behalf of your foster child, and to attend any training or review meetings.

However we appreciate all families are different and each will be judged on an individual basis. Please contact us to chat about this further.

We support the recent changes and respect how difficult this must have been to find the money to increase the fostering allowance in line with the cost-of-living increase. As carers we appreciate being heard and the balance the agency has found.

Chris, Therapeutic Foster Carer

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