Members of LGBTQ+ community can provide invaluable support to teenagers who are experiencing confusion and anxiety around their own sexual identity, and those who may have experienced prejudice and discrimination in the past. LGBTQ+ carers can help young people develop a sense of pride and give them access to the community.

As an agency we want to positively represent all parts of society. We want to actively increase the number of LGBTQ+ foster carers as representation matters.

Frequently Asked Questions from the LGBTQ Community

Can same sex couples foster?

Of course you will be treated like everyone else. All potential foster carers need to undergo a full fostering assessment before being approved and having a child placed in your care. To find out more about the process of becoming a foster carer go to the ‘Fostering with Us‘ page.

Can I be single and foster?

Yes, we have many single foster parents. You’ll need to undergo a full fostering assessment just like everyone else before becoming approved and having a child placed in your care.

Will I be assessed in the same way as everyone else?

Of course. The application and assessment process is the same for everyone and you’ll have access to the same levels of training and support as everyone else too. So long as you fulfil our basic criteria to foster, you’re welcome to start things moving with our online enquiry form.

After that, we’ll visit you at home to ask a few questions and answer any of yours. Then, if you want to take things further, you’ll start your assessment, before going to panel to hopefully become approved. We’ll support you at every stage.

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