Members of LGBTQ+ community can provide invaluable support to teenagers who are experiencing confusion and anxiety around their own sexual identity, and those who may have experienced prejudice and discrimination in the past. LGBTQ+ carers can help young people develop a sense of pride and give them access to the community.

As an agency we want to positively represent all parts of society. We want to actively increase the number of LGBTQ+ foster carers as representation matters.

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The main approaches we use in all foster homes are:


Teaching you how to stay Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathic towards your child, even when the going gets tough, so they learn that they can have a safe and caring relationship with you. We know how hard this will feel at times, and our support for you is accepting, realistic, skilful, and reliable.

The Chrysalis Approach


Every placement will be supported with Theraplay, usually weekly. Theraplay is emotionally tuned in, physical play, with nurturing touch as the basis of the interaction. Your worker takes charge of all the games, and teaches you how to do the same. The goal is to teach the child that adults can be in control as part of a safe, positive, and mutually enjoyable relationship.

The focus is on the here and now, rather than on the past. It is geared towards the child’s emotional age rather than their chronological age, and may often include games usually played with younger children. At the same time it provides experiences which help the child’s hurts to heal, and for them to receive nurturing from you.

The Chrysalis Approach

Additional therapy

If a child needs more help than this, an individually tailored wrap-around package of additional therapies can be provided.

The Chrysalis Approach

What Support Will I Receive?

Monthly Attachment groups

Carers come to monthly groups with other carers and a children’s therapist.

Monthly supervision

Foster carers have monthly supervision sessions with their worker.

Frequent phone contact

We will respond to your requests for contact and visit more or less frequently as you need.

Out of hours support

We will always be contactable, whatever the time of day.

Fun social events

Chrysalis will organise events throughout the year to help this to happen; we hope you will join us!

3 weeks paid planned breaks

Foster carers will be allowed to take up to 3 weeks planned breaks per year, without your fostered child, if you need it.

Membership of the Fostering Network

We will provide this for all Chrysalis foster carers. See for details of membership benefits.

Comprehensive Training

You will receive at least 3 days training before you start to foster, and individual coaching from your assessing worker.

Monthly training groups

Core fostering skills will be developed through monthly group training or skills share sessions.

Advanced study

Will be supported by your attendance at conferences, and accredited training, such as NVQs, and AKAMAS.

We expect you to need support, advice and training to foster successfully, and we are proud to provide what you need to a high level.


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