Securing Attachments Training

Attachment parenting focuses on the nurturing connection that parents can develop with their children. This nurturing connection also known as a secure attachment is viewed as the ideal way to raise independent, secure and empathetic children. 

For children in care, their early experiences of care can often be very negative. Many children who enter the care system have experienced trauma such as neglect, abuse, abandonment that will have affected them deeply. In addition this can lead looked after children to develop attachment disorders. 

Attachment disorders can develop in toddlers, children, or teenagers. Young people with attachment difficulties will struggle to develop emotional attachments to others and face severe issues in bonding with and trusting others. This can severely impact their life, causing them to struggle to make friends, have issues at school, and face their own mental health issues.  Furthermore children with insecure or disorganised attachments come to see caregivers and the world as dangerous and unpredictable, and themselves as bad or unworthy of love and care.

Foster parents play an important part changing a child’s life for the better by securing attachments. Children with secure attachments build mental models of a secure self, caring parents and a kind world.

At Chrysalis our approach is simple- healing through fun and good relationships.

This autumn our clinical lead is running another 6 week ‘Securing Attachments’ course. This course is invitation only.

For a simple explanation about Attachment Theory. Please watch this video:

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