SEEDs Celebration Report

The SEEDs report is a new celebration report to be produced in line with CLA reviews to showcase the progress made by a child or young person in placement. An important part of the CLA review is to monitor and track progress made overtime.

The idea for this report comes from the notion that a seed holds boundless potential within its tiny form much like a child. Furthermore the seeds of change are the beginning of a feeling or process that gradually develops and becomes stronger or more important over time. The SEEDs report will celebrate and track the seeds of change in the categories of Social, Emotional, Educational and Developmental. This report will recognise and celebrate all achievements no matter how small. Often the progress our children and young people make isn’t measurable by societal norms. Every child is unique and the challenges they face on their fostering journey are different to those of their peers in wider society. Some children may struggle with soiling or hitting for example and a even a small reduction in this behaviour would be celebrated a big win for the child.

Information about the progress of children and young people is often hidden or contained in lengthy documents or not recorded in a child friendly format. The SEEDS report sets out the progress and achievements of the child or young person in a format that is easy to understand.

How a report is created?

A 30 minute online meeting will be convened with the foster carer of the child, the SSW and the experienced foster carer (Becky) heading this project. From this meeting a child friendly report and personalised letter will be produced to acknowledge their efforts and celebrate how fantastic we think they are. The report will be shared at the CLA review. A copy of the report and the letter will be saved on CHARMS and posted to the child.

Reports and progress made can also be used as evidence in the annual review of foster carers. To showcase the progress of a child or young person in your care.

Who produces the report?

Becky has been fostering for Chrysalis over 10 years and she started a new role focusing on and reporting children’s progress. She is looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. She is excited to work with you and your SSW- to learn about your child and to create a record of the amazing things they have achieved.

The first SEEDs reports have been completed and we are in complete awe of the progress our children and young people have made. We want to acknowledge the vital part that fostering families play in children’s and young peoples progress. Creating safe and loving homes for children to heal and thrive.

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