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Children come into care for a number of reasons; they are hurting and need our help to heal. A warm relationship with foster carers who understand is central to helping these children overcome their experiences and grow into happy and successful individuals.

Our therapeutic workers will support you and the children in your care from day one, so that you understand their hurt, know how to care, and the child gets the help they need, right from the beginning.


Being a foster carer will challenge you

Parenting a child in pain can be extremely challenging but with Chrysalis support you can learn therapeutic parenting models to help your child or young person feel safe and start to heal.

Fostering can enrich your life as you increase your understanding and your capacity to help a child. The rewards will be huge as you see how your care enables a child to relax, feel good and thrive.

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What Our Carers Say…

"Over 10 years of excellent support that has enhanced our fostering experience. When I read some the issues carers (from other LA’s & IFA’s) experience I feel relieved to be with Chrysalis. I love the opportunities we have each year to meet other carers, staff & families within our agency."

Becky , Therapeutic Foster Carer

"We think the support and expertise offered by Chrysalis is outstanding! We receive recognition for our hard work, and we have a good relationship with our Chrysalis worker. We would recommend Chrysalis as a great fostering agency."

Caroline & Laurent, Therapeutic Foster Carers

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